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Date: 07-24-2018

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Kevin CChris H


I extend to you this Challenge Coin to recognize your warrior status.  You are the master of the positive attitude, and taking ownership of any issue that comes your way.  I appreciate the manner in which you approach any challenge that comes your way  you never shirk your duty (or anyone else's!) and always attack with a focus on a positive outcome.

You make Sirius a better place to work and significantly improve the lives of our team and our clients.  Thank you for your sense of humor, your ethic, and your leadership.  Carry this small token with you to remind you of the amazing impact you have on those around you!

You are an inspiration.  Kevin

Omaha, NE 68154

Date: 04-29-2018

From: To:

AdminKevin Casson


Minneapolis, MN 55413