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Date: 06-15-2018

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Kevin CCraig P


I gift this coin to you as a daily totem, as reminder in the true sense of a challenge coin. This is recognition not of your significant accomplishments as a business executive, but for "leaving the campsite better than you found it." It is for being positive, passionate and purposeful in everything you do. It is to recognize you for not simply "taking the easy route," and giving time or money to other's charities (which, admittedly you do as well), but rather for finding need and creating vehicles to fill the need where you see it in every day life.

You recognize others for their accomplishments, you fund and back the underdog, you celebrate the efforts of others. I ask only that you find others like you and recognize them with challenge coins — don't give them easily, give them to those who are positive, passionate and purposeful about what they believe in. "Those who, when two roads diverge in a wood... take the one less traveled by..."


Lakeville, MN 55044

Date: 04-29-2018

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AdminKevin Casson


Minneapolis, MN 55413