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Date: 04-12-2018

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ElwinJason Berglund

Jason finds, enrolls and ultimately changes organizations and individuals. 

I have only recently met Jason, it is easy to recognize a couple of his superpowers. It isn’t just because he makes his living finding, and connecting talented people — you can see the sparkle in his eyes when, as he is listening, he starts to realize and recognize the connection possibilities.  There is a passion there. A passion to connect, help, coach, and grow. 

Of course, that gives him competency as a recruiter, but this is where it is more than talent acquisition.. it is about being an agent of change.

Change for individuals and organizations, ultimately raising the level for all of the boats! 

He isn’t headhunting’ he is developing your culture, your ecosystem through people he is finding and enrolling for you. 

This is why Jason has earned this coin.

Minneapolis, MN 55413