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Date: 03-27-2018

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ElwinSarah Miller

Sarah, a true mentor, teacher, and master of her craft.

Sarah is an incredibly creative spirit, whose compositions are inspirational. She could simply be satisfied creating art with her musical gifts, but she has chosen to shepherd others on the journey of cultivating their own musical superpowers.

Sarah is an amazing teacher, deftly able to handle the spectrum from my restless young daughter to masters level students. Sarah is an adept, yet she is humble and approachable  in fact, if you didn't know her accomplishments you might underestimate her, but don't. She is a shining light, who has touched thousands of lives, igniting other's flames,  and raising the level of other's skills. Her music harmonizes with others, and in turn, makes all of our songs stronger.

Sarah is an igniter and a nurturer.

Minneapolis, MN 55413