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Date: 03-24-2018

From: To:

ElwinKyle Forster

Kyle, a leader whose fingerprints are on your bits.

I think perhaps Kyle and I have had two in person meetings; But even from these short interactions, I know a kindred spirit.

Perhaps it is how easily he switches from philosophy, to tech, to business, to family, connecting all the threads. Maybe it is his deep technical knowledge, or his love of his team, or perhaps is commitment to community and open source. Or maybe it is the fact that I leave our conversations energized and for the better.

I can sense that Kyle raises the boats around him. He has a commitment to a healthy nurturing, company culture, and ponders how growth will change it, (and how to hold the rudder to keep it true).

Kyle has earned this coin, because not only is he a igniter, a catalyst, but he nurtures others to be their best. And I didn’t even mention that much of the bits and bites that are going through your device right now have in some way touched some of products that his and his teams fingerprints are on.

Santa Clara, CA 95054