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Date: 07-05-2018

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I met Joe, back in 2012. At Target we were trying something ‘new to us’. A small team called RAD had just started, it was a group of talented, creative and passionate people who wanted to shepherd into the org, product, design thinking, lean, and agile thinking. We had some space and in that space we wanted to host a meet-up of like minded people. We turned to Joe to bring in his Lean UX group.

And what like minded people did Joe bring in! WOOT! People who understood that UX is not UI. Design thinkers, who know how to make. It was our Tribe. And he was it's shaman. 

Joe has always had this way of forward thinking, but his superpower is the ability to connect with others, teach, mentor and help a team think differently. (all while getting stuff done)
He raises the level of all boats around him. He leans into the the community (He founded the Lean UX group in the Twin Cities), and is an empathetic advocate for the end user.

Joe has not only earned this coin, but continues to earn it every day.

Minneapolis, MN 55413