Coin Detail Page

Date: 01-10-2019

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Eina says that one of her life goals is to become a catalyst. And perhaps life is directing her in this way.

Today I dropped a coin, accidentally while I was in line for coffee, a woman picked it up and Eina saw this. She said "Hey what is that? I was just given this
.. " She pulled out a challenge coin from the St Paul Police. I told her about challenge coins, I told her "these are earned not given". Reading the caption on the coin she
said "I love the phrase, my goal is to be a catalyst".  

Well, you have a coin Eina, go forth, make a difference, leave the campsites better, be a catalyst, a positive disruptor! Find Mentors, be a mentor, find causes and enroll others to these causes!

You have a coin, now earn it!

st paul, MN 55413