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Date: 10-05-2022

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I asked Ben to almost do the impossible. To jump into an entire codebase, no that isn't right. To jump into an entire app, a capability, business processes, a startup business.. all that were created by others, things that required bootstrapping, half done. I asked Ben to get it organized, get the app back on the rails, to deliver a new product, help hire a team ... oh and so much more. Ben delivered during each step. His experience showed (he had done all of these things before, deployed apps into the app stores, managed keys and secrets in a practiced manner, knew how to vett engineers, created pipelines.) He was able to get all of this done under pressure and extreme timelines while not only remaining calm but helping to make others calm around him. Ben is one of those guys you call when you need someone reliable, who keeps their word, who works hard and who delivers. One who does all this while lifting those around him up .. This is why Ben earned this coin.

minneapolis, MN 55413