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Date: 03-19-2018

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A maker, an artist, a geek, an amazing guy.

David is a true renaissance man, and has been a maker before being 'a maker' was even a thing. I remember working with David in the mid 90's. We were at a major retailer, who didn't yet understand the internet, or omnichannel. David created the first online gift registry, allowing guests to use the internet instead of going into a store. (and he did this not because of a mandate but because he could. ) And while that was impressive enough, I was most impressed by a unique carrying strap he developed for his laptop. Something that if marketed could probably have made him independently rich. This was the 90's.

Since David has driven some amazing projects, created some fantastic art. (His art, mixes traditional with digital. Sometimes resulting in turning clocks from the 1800's into
internet-connected devices) but regardless of if it is work or art, he brings a creativity, unique point of view and very clever solutions to the table. 

David is not just an independent contributor but a leader, raising the level of others and creating healthy teams that are high functioning. 

David is an igniter, an enroller, a connector and a friend. 

Minneapolis, MN 55413