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Date: 02-04-2020

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Jeanine has deep subject matter expertise, and this is a key skill, but it isn't her superpower. Jeanine's superpower is as a navigator. She charts the needs of her customers across the capabilities of her product. As with any system, it's waters, winds and landscapes are constantly changing. Jeanine not only provides deft navigation for the customer but also informs back to allow her orgs' product owners to terraform new landscapes and channels to better meet the customers' needs. 

Ok, I might be leaning into my metaphor too much. To put it simply Jeanine is a fantastic and capable advocate for the customer, helping them navigate complex technical and business workflows. She understands not only the technical aspects of her product but also the business flows (which aren't trivial) This ability to synthesize the complex and act as an advocate indeed lifts the boats around her. 

Minneapolis, MN 55413