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Date: 03-21-2018

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Kevin CassonDebbie Dove

I am recognizing Debbie with this coin because she is a leader, an innovator, a catalyst, and a mentor.  She has passion in everything she does and supports new and creative ideas  she nutures growth in her people, in herself, and in her business.  I think of the Coinholder Club as an elite club, not to be taken lightly, and Debbie is elite in the best sense of the word.

Igniting Ideas, Empowering Others, Acting as a Catalyst for Others, and Nurturing the New  every interaction that I've had with Debbie exemplifies these attributes.  She is a leader to whom people gravitate, and is at the front of the pack leading the charge in everything she does, and everything that she asks her team to do.  She energizes me personally and I am pleased and proud to extend this Coin to Debbie!

Bloomington, MN 55435

Date: 03-19-2018

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Minneapolis, MN 55413