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Date: 03-29-2018

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ElwinPete Erickson

Pete is a true catalyst, and connector

Pete has built his business by being a connector of amazing people working on fantastic problems. One time he mentioned to me that his passion for the power of conversation came from the fact that he grew up in a large family and he loved the dynamics of a bunch of folks around the nightly dinner table.

I met Pete when I was invited to one of his events, EXO Software Leadership Summit. I experienced first hand Pete’s superpower of creating a dynamic of a bunch of amazing people around a dinner table. The real magic though, was how he created the environment and crafted the conversation in a way where everyone was able to drop their ego, and engage in a authentic discourse. In the end we didn’t attend just another business event, we left with a true fellowship within the group and connections that will last for life.

Pete also has the uncanny ability to be able to quickly identify and understand others superpowers. Knowing this allows him to make connections that are greater than the sum of their parts. I think that is another reason why Pete is so successful. On the surface you might just see Pete’s events, consulting, etc, but underneath is a web of connections that creates a dynamic like a coiled spring.. ready to be sprung.

Pete is a true catalyst, and connector, and this is why he has earned this coin

Arlington, VA 22205