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Date: 03-31-2018

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ElwinTracey Pass

Tracey an amazing transformative leader.

In my work with her, Tracey has actively pushed the envelope more than anyone, driving culture change, championing new ways of working, new space/environments, career paths, incentives etc. Her full spectrum approach centers around talented people; The people she finds for her clients, the people who work for her, the people she works with. When she first started focusing on digital engineering talent at Target. I saw her drive for an true understanding of the domain. This is a powerful strength of hers, a driving for discovery coupled with empathy.

As a leader, she is fantastic. She develops everyone around her. She is not afraid of delivering tough messages, and when she does it is with the intention to make you better. She has not only earned this coin, but continues to earn it day by day.

Canton, CT 6019