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Date: 04-15-2018

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Kevin CassonMike Qualley


The Coinholder club is an elite group and is meant to recognize not career accomplishment, but rather to call out those individuals who drive positive change in the lives of others.  In the six short years I have worked with you, you have had a significant impact in motivating me to be a better leader through the manner in which you lead, communicate, and navigate in your daily life.

Whether I'm up, down, motivated, or looking for the next challenge in my life; you've always provided inspiration and a sense of calm.  In the truest spirit of the challenge coin  this is meant to be a totem for you to remind you, to continue to leave things better than you found them.  You're the reason I joined the firm and the reason I stay.  You truly are a Catalyst, a Nurturer, an Innovator and a Mentor.

Thank you for all you do... Kevin

Chicago, IL 60077

Date: 03-23-2018

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Minneapolis, MN 55413