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Date: 12-25-2018

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People around Satish Soar.

I have only spent two one hour conversations with Satish, but it is obvious- that besides being an accomplished technician, he is a servant-leader who puts his people first. Our second conversation he suggested walking, and as we traveled the trails, we talked company vision, personal missions, and technical challenges. It is obvious that he loves creating innovative products, and doing this with stable, scalable systems. He also enrolls others to his vision, others who have been on prior journey’s with him. (why? Because he earns the respect of his colleagues, supporting, removing barriers, mentoring, and dealing honestly with difficult discussions)

When I gave Satish this coin, he smiled because of the “leave the campsite better than I found it” quote on the back. He said that he is involved in the boy scouts and his son is an Eagle (scout). Of course this would be true. People around Satish soar.

Redwoodcity, CA 94059