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Date: 08-06-2018

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Todd ignites ideas!

Todd is a secret weapon. He has a breadth of knowledge and experience and can go deep at any point. Couple this with his ability to perform strategically as well as execute tactically, he basically can perform like a team of ten.

We worked on a number of different initiatives together, from building out the Target IT Multi-channel strategy to Merger & Acquisition activities to forming innovative teams. With all of these different projects, Todd was able to draw upon experience and skill to directly add value. He was able to make order out of ambiguity while deftly handling communication from the C-level down to the individual. Frankly none of these projects could have been successful without Todd.

Todd has a technology background, and can act like an technical architect, but isn’t just a technologist. He has written business plans, ran fiscal P&L’s yet isn’t a MBA. He has handled multi-million dollar contract negotiations, but isn’t in vendor management. He has project managed extremely complicated multi-part projects but isn’t a project manager. He has acted as a CTO, hired teams, and built products but isn’t just a leader.

What Todd is: a smart, fearless, problem solver. An intrepreneur (entrepreneur in a big company) He frankly, gets stuff done. He is a secret weapon. Now the question is where do _you_ need a secret weapon?

Minneapolis, MN 55413